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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Wall art painting Dream II

A wall art painting in lovely dark brown, rose red, pink, orange and blue tones.

A vivid image composition with lots of dynamics and interesting details. The great variety of colors in the contrasts, in combination with lines and shapes that hold the motif together, gives a balanced expression that you cannot help but immerse yourself in.

Wall art paintings with a nice play of colors and a varied motif are beautiful modern contemporary art. They fit in anywhere on the walls in the home, create a pleasant atmosphere, and the colors stand as a nice contrast to the furniture and home textiles.

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Mounted with hangers and wire
Product: Acrylic paint on cotton/linen canvas - mounted on a stretch frame
Size: 16x16 in (40×40 cm)
Title: Dream II
Artist: Michael Lonfeldt
Motif: Hand painted, original painting
Signature: Title, year and signature on the back of the canvas.
Canvas material: 35% linen and 65% cotton
Canvas weight: 420 g/m2
Surface finish: 2 layers of topcoat, protection against sunlight
Frame quality: European finger joined pine wood with FSC certificate
Stretch frame height: 0.8 in (20 mm)
Edges: Gallery wrap, painted on the edges (don't need a frame)
Quality paint: Artist quality, from top manufacturers

All art paintings are handmade unique works of which only one copy exists.


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Product description:

Wall art painting with lovely colors in an elegant modern design.

A painting where acrylic paint in fixed consistencies is primarily used. The construction is done with different color shades stacked in layers. It is a technique I often use because it results in a richer design where the colors with their variation give depth to the motif.

A multi-step work process has been used here. Each layer of colour, shapes and lines is applied individually, and then left to dry before the next layer is worked on. In total, the painting contains 6 different layers. The processing of colors and elements has been done with both brush and painting knives.

The art materials I have used are all top quality. I do this because it gives the most beautiful colors, and it ensures a long life, so you can enjoy the paintings many years into the future without the colors fading or the frame becoming bended. The solid canvas comes from Italy. The stretch frame, which has an FSC certificate, is made of finger joined pine wood from European forests. And the paint comes from manufacturers who use large quantities of real color pigments in their products.