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Artist Michael Lonfeldt

Danish artist Michael LonfeldtPaintings in my art galleryArt studio work place
Artist Michael

Michael Lønfeldt

Artist Michael Lönfeldt creates colorful abstract art.

"I love abstract art, designs and paintings where you work with strong colors, large contrasts and different materials.

I find abstract art so interesting because it makes me curious about what it represents and the thoughts behind it.”
Original art handmade gallery quality materials

Original unique artworks in extraordinary quality

Who is artist Michael Lonfeldt creating the artworks?

There are countless small details in my unique work. Which takes a lot of time - it's not uncommon for me to work on the drafts for 2-3 months. Where I edited them 10-15 times before the process completes.

As a painter, I see motifs everywhere I move. I often get the ideas for the motifs while traveling and traveling on foot, by car or by bicycle.

Very often it is said that I see an interesting scenario in nature. It could be an urban setting, a landscape, or something entirely third that catches my attention. Because there are exciting lines or interesting color combinations that can be a good starting point for a beautiful painting.

Many artists use notebooks for their designs. I prefer to use a camera or cell phone to capture interesting moments. It's a good help when you have trouble remembering lines and colors.

One of the most important things for me is that I am constantly evolving as a visual artist. That's why I do exercises all the time. It should help me to paint and draw better, use the colors and make the designs. And as far as technical skills go, all kinds of colors, tools and materials are practiced and experimented with.

This is also the reason why the abstract artworks I paint show a wide variety of colours, motifs and forms of expression. However, it is still possible to see my signature in terms of handling colors, materials and tools.

When you buy art from me you can be assured that you are receiving a well-crafted piece of art. Where motifs, colors, lines and textures come together to create a totally unique abstract original painting. You can use it as part of your very personal decor of your home.
First painting layer with forms and scratches

The story behind my time as an artist

My interest in painting as an artist begins in 2005 when it was originally used to relax from everyday stress.

The colorful abstract designs quickly attract a lot of positive attention from interested customers. At the same time, I contacted a company that sells paintings to furniture stores and asked if I would be interested in painting reproductions for them. I thank you for that and from the beginning I have painted many reproductions that are mainly sold in Danish shops.

I quit in 2012 because I'm tired of making the same sketches over and over again with only 15 minutes for each image. Instead, I start painting my own designs. There is a much greater satisfaction in me as an artist. The result is better work that only gets released when I think it's fully finished.

It's been very successful since I started as an artist in 2012 and focused on my own artworks. I am increasingly involved in painting, exhibiting, decorating and many other art related activities.

In 2016 I will start doing graphics. The foundation are parts of my paintings that are enlarged. And further processed in Photoshop until colors, lines and elements are as desired. The graphic works are produced as canvas prints in a limited edition.

In 2018 I regularly get requests from companies who want to use my images in their products. So I start designing – always based on my art. And they are currently selling snowboards, watches, women's fashion and Hometex products, among other things.
Creating art with brushes and tools

My art studio and art gallery

I am very fortunate to have a 65 sqm room available as a combined art gallery and art studio.

There I create all my art, collect frames and canvases and pack all paintings, canvas prints and posters as pictures to be sent to customers all over the world.

You are always welcome to come by to see my art, but call or write in advance as I don't have fixed opening hours. A little more than half of the space is used for a gallery in which I show the paintings, canvas prints, posters, cushions and bed linen that I have made and sell in the webshop.

In my art gallery you can see all the paintings, all the canvas prints, a selection of the posters, some pillows and the bedding.

If you have the opportunity it is always a good idea to see the works first before buying them. Because although I post realistic photos on the website, the amount of light has a lot of impact on the impression you get. And it is impossible to see in one photograph all the small subtle details and nuances of color that the artworks contain.

I don't run with fixed opening times as it varies when I'm in the art gallery. So feel free to call or write and make an appointment if you stop by.

Here you get some impressions of what my art gallery looks like:
Art gallery view of large paintingsView all canvas prints in my art galleryIn my art galler you find a wide range of art products
The rest of the space is used to set up a studio where I make all my work from scratch.

Here I have my easel, blank or partially processed canvases, brushes and tools of all kinds, and of course the paint and media I use. As you can see, it's starting to fill up quite a bit.

I also have a large work table in my studio. I use it to assemble the frames, put canvases on the paintings and mount the canvas prints.

And then I also use it to package all the works before sending them to the customers. I am very careful and use multiple layers to protect, finished with a box in a thick solid double board quality.
Working table in my art studioPaints and tools in my art studio and art galleryCanvases work in progress in my art studio

The art materials I use for my paintings

When creating paintings I use many different materials.

In terms of paint, I only use acrylic. The work is the most fun as the drying time is limited so you have to work quickly - especially on the days when I'm outside when it's hot and the sun is shining.

For the paintings I only use artist colors of the 1st and 2nd quality. Golden, Liquitex, Lukas, Maimeri, Schmincke, Daler Rowney, and Winson & Newton.

I don't use other acrylic paints such as wall and ceiling paints because the quality is too bad. Because the pigment content is too low and the filler content is too high, the color intensity is lower, the lightfastness is poor, they cannot be mixed together, and the height of thick paint layers cannot be maintained.

In terms of media, I only use those that are made for painting. It is typical of the Golden, Liquitex and Winsor & Newton brands.

I get my canvases from European manufacturers.

I mainly use 2 suppliers who have been making canvas for many years. They only use high quality canvas. And all frames are clamped by hand onto a blind frame made of knotless pine.
Creating paintings with superior art materialsView all paintings