Colorful Abstract Paintings by artist Michael Lønfeldt
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For danish visitors:

Colorful abstract paintings by artist Michael Lønfeldt

Colorful abstract paintings

by artist Michael Lønfeldt

Here on my website you find information about me and my art,
and you can see the paintings I create.

And I write about the process of making my art, what is trending in the art world,
what the art in your home tells about your personality,
and other art related subjects.

Online gallery

Abstract Paintings Infinity II

Here in my online gallery you can see the colorful abstract paintings I’m creating. Both  current and  a selection of the ones I’ve already sold.

Meet the artist behind

Artist Michael Lonfeldt - colorful abstract paintings

Here you can read about me and what my art and creative works mean to me. And I tell a little about the history behind it all.


Exhibition of my paintings at EXHAUSTO

Here you will find a current overview of the places I exhibit right now. And the places where I have previously exhibited.

Decorate with paintings

Colorful big painting - Art by Lønfeldt

Here you will find inspiration on how to decorate with paintings in the living room, bedroom, kids’ rooms and the rest of your home.

Check out the videos of my paintings

On this page, you find all the videos I have made.

You can see more about colors and details in my paintings.

See more about the paintings I use in my Art Books.

Or can see a selection of the exhibitions I participate in.

Or that gives you tips and advise on how to decorate your home with paintings. How to hang the paintings correctly on your wall, how to choose the perfect colors and more.

You can view the videos here:

Check out my videos
Video of my painting Infusion I

Check out my Art Books

I continuously make Art Books with a selection of the best artworks I create.

In the books, you can keep track with how I develop artistically with designs and colors.

And I create new paintings all the time, so it gives you an overview of how the best of my latest paintings look.

The books are handy and provide excellent coverage of my art career.

You can view and download the Art Books here:

Check out my Art Books
Art Book 2017 Summer - Art by Lønfeldt - abstract paintings

6 reasons why you should buy paintings directly from artists

When you decorate the walls in your home, there are a number of facts, that support you should buy paintings directly from an artist, instead of buying reproductions in online shops or physical shops.

You get an original, unique painting
The painting is carefully created
You get a quality product
You get the most bang for your buck
The selling price is higher
You get a better service

Here you can read more about it:

Buy paintings directly from artists
6 reasons why you should buy art directly from artists

How do you decorate your home with paintings ?

You can be inspired on how to decorate with paintings in the living room and the rest of your home. If you want to impress friends and family with your art collection.  You have to do your home work when shopping for great paintings to the living room.

There are various factors you should consider. Such as how much space you have for paintings on the wall. This has implications for the size the abstract paintings should have. And if you have to buy one or more art works.

Another important factor is what colors your have on hometex – cushions, throws, curtains, etc. – in the room. Eg you can choose to complement the colors in an abstract painting. Or you can choose colors that are contrasting in moderate or strong powerful color tones.

Here you can read more about how you do:

How to decorate with paintings
Decorating your home with paintings

8 Reason to buy original paintings

Do you need the perfect gift?
Are you just moved to a new house or new apartment?
Have you bought a new sofa, a new bookcase, a new vase or a new lamp?
Have you just painted one or more of your rooms?
Do your home need color and a personal touch?

Whether you need a personal gift that shows how much you care for the recipient. Or you’ve shined up your home with new furniture and new paint. Or you just opened the door to your new home. There are lots of good reasons to get color and personality into your home.

You need to buy original paintings.

Here you can read more about why:

Why buy original paintings?
8 Reasons to buy Original Paintings

Abstract Paintings

Here on my website, you can see my abstract paintings and buy them online, and you can get inspiration on how to decorate with art work in your home.

I give you advice about what you should consider when you buy paintings if you want to impress friends and family with your art collection. There are various factors you should consider, for example, how much space you have where the image should hang, what colors you use in the room and how the room is furnished.

I blog regularly about abstract paintings and other artist-related items – what materials to use ex acrylic paints and canvas, description of various Artist tools and their pros and cons, review of the process how to create beautiful abstract paintings from start to finish, insight into the methods you can use when creating the subject is in the creative process, why I believe you should buy your abstract paintings directly from the artist, and much more.

I find inspiration for my abstract paintings many different places, not least in nature. The ideas usually start with a form or color combinations I see and then I start the process with taking a blank canvas and find the colors I will use. From here I develop design, texture and colors until at some point I am satisfied with the artwork.

It’s important to me that the finished abstract painting inspires curiosity with lots of small details, depth, contrast and rich colors with many shades.

If you are interested in my abstract paintings, I recommend that you see it or them before you buy. Photos provide rarely paintings full justice in terms of detail, depth and shades of color and the light intake is important for the impressions you get. That’s why I always offer a 30-days money back guarantee on all paintings that are purchased directly from me.

Art helps to improve the working environment and acts as a source of inspiration that promote creativity and innovation among company employees. If you own or are working in a company, organization or public institution and need some inspiring to look at, I exhibit my abstract paintings. It is free for the exhibits, I deliver and collect the paintings and will also help with hanging up and taking down the paintings.

I also make paintings by order. If you want special colors, sizes and designs that perfectly fits your home. Or if your company has not yet visualized mission, vision, values and objectives towards employees, customers, and suppliers.

Thank you for being interested in my art, you are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions.


Best Regards