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Unique contemporary abstract art 

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Artist Michael

Michael Lønfeldt

Artist Michael Lønfeldt creates contemporary, colorful, abstract art. All designs are unique and contain figurative elements, and have lots of great colors and small fine details.

"Paintings, canvas art, art prints and digital art in an exclusive quality. I use only the best materials. Italian linen canvases, stretch frames made of European pine and artists' paints of the highest quality."
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Google five star review


Google five star review
Super nice paintings and they arrived on time - perfect.

Original paintings

I always have a large and varied selection of my works for sale here in my online gallery.

And new ones are constantly being added. There are new updates every week, so it pays to check back regularly.

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Canvas art

I create canvas art and prints with my abstract designs.

My art is always a starting point, and then I develop the colors, details and elements until the desired effect and motif appear.

As always, I attach great importance to the fact that it is a unique quality product. I therefore use canvas 100% linen in a thick quality.

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Art Prints

From my paintings and designs I create art prints.

I find the selected areas of the artworks, and then I process them until I am satisfied with the result.

As with all my art and my designs, there is focus on the final product maintaining a high standard in terms of quality. Therefore, only large format printers are used which are particularly well suited to reproduce colors and details.

And for the art prints i use a matt paper in a strong quality, which means that the colors are absolutely perfect.
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Digital art

With my PC I'm creating contemporary abstract digital art designs, where figurative elements are used to varying degrees. It ranges from motifs with a purely abstract content where it's only colors and shapes, to motifs with strongly recognizable figurative content from the real world.

Especially well known for the colorful and magnificent metropolitan motifs from New York. They show the hectic and pulsating everyday street life of the big city, seen from a modern, abstract point of view.
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Art blog

On my blog you can read news about my art.

And then I also write articles on many different topics:

How I develop as a visual artist, where I exhibit her, the new artworks I create, decorating with wall art, how to choose the right artworks for your home, the painting technique I use and much more.
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Abstract art with colors

What is abstract art?

Abstraction in art is fundamentally artistic expression that is completely detached from reality, and has no recognizable references to our prior experiences. It can be anything you want it to be and add value. There are no rules for what it means or how it should be interpreted. It is free for the individual to assign an opinion to abstract art, and that is why it is often a good conversation starter as there is rarely agreement on what a work of art represents and what the quality of the work of art is.

Abstraction in works of art goes from the fact that it is next to realistic motifs that we know from our lives, and then to designs that do not have lines and shapes that we manage to decode.

Especially when the abstract art has lots of beautiful colors, it takes on an important meaning in the interior design. Because the colors are decoded, partly in connection with whether we can recognize elements in the work, partly in the cultural frame of reference of which we are all part. It's really fun when abstract art with colors is interpreted differently by people who live far from the other side of the globe.

Abstract art in our modern era refers to art created in the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries. Works produced during the period show artists' interest in developing themselves and describing how they see the world, as well as interpreting and rejecting traditional aesthetic values from earlier art styles.

The birth of modernism and modern art can be traced all the way back to the industrial revolution. During the period, great progress is made with rapid changes in production methods, transport options and technology. It starts around the middle of the 18th century and continues through the 19th century and. It profoundly and fundamentally affects the social, economic and cultural conditions of life in Western Europe, North America and eventually the world. New forms of transport, such as the railway, the steam engine and the subway, fundamentally change the way people live, work and travel, expanding their worldview and access to new ideas. As the large urban centers prosper, they increasingly experience workers moving to the cities for the new industrial jobs,

Before the 19th century, artists were most often commissioned to produce art from wealthy patrons or institutions such as the church. Much of this art depicts religious or mythological scenes that reflect world history. During the 19th century, many artists began to create modern abstract art based on their own personal experiences and on subjects of their own choosing. They explore dreams and symbolism as ways to depict their subjective experiences. Some artists challenged the notion that modern art should realistically depict the world, and experimented with the expressive use of color, non-traditional materials, and new techniques and media.

What are the art trends that are getting increasing attention in modern art? These are Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. Here is a selection of famous artists who create modern abstract art: Salvador Dali, Wassily Kandinsky, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Max Ernst and Edvard Munch.
Abstract art with colors

Art on canvas

The modern abstract art is characterized by having a timeless touch, which makes the art excellent to use on the walls of the home. Especially because it sets a basic tone in the interior, where the modern art transforms its topicality into the rest of the interior. And they also don't mind that it provides interesting conversation material at gatherings with family and friends.

If you buy original and unique modern works of art on canvas. Then you also have the opportunity to create an interior that no one else can imitate. Because you own the unique modern art on the wall.

The universe of abstract Danish art is endless, and it can be a big challenge to find the works of art you need for your decor and that you love. You don't have to be an art expert if you want to buy Danish art. Approach the task with an open mind and a relaxed attitude where there are no limitations.

Most people who buy modern art on canvas do so because they have been surprised and in love with the atmosphere and the stories that the artwork with modern Danish art creates. It brings new life to your home, and it gives you peace, inspiration and joy to look at it every day, and discover contexts, interpretations and meanings.
Modern wall art on canvas

Moderne wall art

Modern art is characterized by having a timeless touch, which makes the art excellent to use on the walls of the home. Especially because it sets a basic tone in the interior, where the modern art transforms its topicality into the rest of the interior. And they also don't mind that it provides interesting conversation material at gatherings with family and friends.

Today, it is common to decorate your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other parts of the home with wall art. How much art is put up on a wall varies a lot. From a single small work of art, to a decorative wall that is completely filled with different works of art. There is no standard for what is right and wrong, it is about personal style and taste that is decisive for how walls in the home are decorated with unique, original art.

Buying modern abstract wall art is no easy decision as there are many different factors to consider. Some of the questions that come to mind are: What kind of wall art should it be? Which style fits well on the wall where it will hang? What colors should the artwork contain? How big should the dimensions be? Should it be unique original art or copy art?

When it comes to what type of art you can hang on your wall, today there are a whole range of options: Acrylic paintings on canvas, art posters, canvas prints, wall hangings, wood painting, metal painting, stained glass, 3D frames with content and wall stickers.

And in terms of artistic style, it depends on what expression you would like to have in your interior design. Should it be modern abstract art, graffiti, street art, pop art, photo art, romantic style, vintage style, impressionist or something else entirely?

When you choose modern art for the wall, the colors are also very important. Because they can be used to determine where the focus lies, on furniture, textiles or art. This is done by choosing whether the colors should support the other decor with the same color shades and tones. Or whether the colors of the wall art should stand as a sharp contrast to the rest of the interior.

The sizes of the art on your wall depends on whether you want to hang a single, a couple or many pieces of art on it. If there are many works of art on the wall, it is a good idea to choose smaller sizes, preferably varying sizes, and then place them offset in relation to each other. If only one piece of art is to hang on your wall, it is most optimal to choose large dimensions, which gives a powerful and striking expression. Be careful not to go too small for wall art, as it will disappear and not get the focus it deserves.

And finally, there is the decision as to whether it should be unique original art or copy art you have on the wall.

If you buy original and unique modern works of art. Then you also have the opportunity to create an interior that no one else can imitate. Because you own the unique modern wall art.
Original art for living roomWall art for bedroom

Colorful art for the living room, bedroom and kitchen

Probably the room in the home where art is most often bought is the living room. First of all, the living room is usually the largest room in the home, and it therefore has extra wall space that can be decorated. And it is an important decision which art for the living room you choose. Because you yourself spend a lot of time in the living room and therefore want wall art that is beautiful and that you yourself will be happy to look at. Then it is in the living room that you enjoy yourself with family and friends.

This is where modern, abstract, colorful art is perfect as decoration in your living room and also your bedroom and kitchen. Because it offers a timeless expression that complements your decor with its beautiful colors and creates a pleasant atmosphere in a completely unique style.

Pay attention to the use of color in colorful art for the living room, bedroom and kitchen, is an important reflection of quality. The more time you spend looking at art with color, the more you will begin to see how color is used quite deliberately to present a subject. If you look a lot at colorful art in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, you might start to notice colors that are randomly placed on a piece of art, compared to the colors that work into the picture motif. Colors can have symbolic meaning and evoke many different emotions.
Colorful art for home decor

Buy art for sale online

In addition to my physical gallery, I also have an online gallery here on my website, where you have the opportunity to buy art for sale online on the web.

There you have the opportunity to read more about the colorful, modern art I make. What ideas are behind the artworks and what I emphasize when I create my abstract, modern, colorful artworks. And why I am almost manic about the quality throughout for the art I make. How I, through the use of the best art materials, ensure the best-looking and most colorful and detailed works of art.

If you want to buy art for sale online on the web, then it is difficult. Because it is difficult to assess how colors and motifs look in reality, and especially how it looks on the wall at your home. I therefore do color management throughout, which ensures lifelike photos that produce the artworks as they look in reality. In addition to the fact that I use professional equipment when photographing and processing photos.

You have the opportunity to buy my art for sale online on the web here in the webshop. And as an extra guarantee for you, I offer a 30-day full right of return. You then have the opportunity to see how the works of art look at your own home, and send them back if they do not live up to expectations.
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Art is beautiful decoration for the home

When it comes to finding the perfect piece of art as decoration for the home, today there are an infinite number of different options: painting, canvas print, poster, wall hanging, 3D frame with holiday memories, metal print, wood print, sculpture to name just a few of the options. .

Choosing art for the rooms of the home: the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the room or the entrance is therefore no easy task. There are many different factors that come into play: what subjects do you like to look at? How much space is there? How should the atmosphere in the room be?

If you are thinking about what art to buy for your home, consider abstract colorful modern art. It adds class and style to your interior design in a timeless design.
Contemporary art for living room