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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Painting with art Opus IV

Painting with a unique art motif that shows transparent colors in a playful art universe. In fantastic carmine red, light pink, light blue, sunny yellow, and leaf green colors.

The work has been developed as a total composition with a homogeneous spread of colors, figures, and lines in diagonal patterns, which creates an energetic expression with speed and movement. The bright colors stand, with the white base as a contrast, both in completely pure tones with sharp edges, and merge together to form new color nuances.

Paintings with original art are completely unique decorative items that you have the opportunity to use in your interior design. Besides the fact that the paintings help to set the tone for the atmosphere in the room where they hang, you also get a completely unique interior that is impossible for others to imitate.

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Medium: Acrylic paint on linen canvas, mounted on a wooden frame
Size: 24x24 in (60×60 cm)
Title: Opus IV
Visual artist: Michael Lønfeldt
Design: Unique handmade painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the canvas.
Canvas: 100% linen
Canvas thickness: 470 g/m2
Finish surface: 2 layers of topcoat, shield against UV light
Material wooden frame: hand-gathered European softwood with FSC certification
Frame depth: 40 mm
Edges: Canvas stretched around edges, painted on the side with motif
Acrylic-based paint: Top quality, from the best manufacturers

All paintings with art here on the web page are original and they exist only in one copy.


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Product description:

Painting with art in abstract colors and shapes that in combination create a living work of art with intricate details and unfinished contexts.

The abstract world of images, with its color variation and the captivating motif, contains a story about an artistic journey, where the colors have been allowed to unfold their splendor with the help of an investigative approach. The artwork leaves an intense atmosphere with exciting elements to adventure into.

I often use the working method used here when making paintings with liquid acrylic paint. The entire process takes place in one uninterrupted workflow. First, the canvas is prepared with 2 layers of media. It forms a perfect basis for the pure colors that I want to be the supporting element of the artwork. Next, the motif is outlined on the linen canvas with various drawing tools such as graphite pens, markers, and drawing pastels. The first layer of paint is then applied and moved around with a spatula and brush so that it matches the motif. Then several layers are applied using the wet-on-wet painting technique until the finished work is ready. Finally, when it is dry, 2 layers of surface varnish are applied as protection against sunlight and dust.

Materials of high art quality are a prerequisite for being able to create fantastic colors with great depth. Acrylic paint comes from recognized manufacturers and consists almost of pigments. The linen canvas is sourced from one of Italy's best producers of the quality canvas. It is extra solid to be able to bear the weight of the paint, and it has a rough structure that contributes to giving depth to the colors. It is all strung up on a frame in European softwood, which has an FSC certificate that emphasizes that the wood comes from responsible forestry.