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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Colorful acrylic painting Views I

Breathtaking colorful acrylic painting for the living room and other rooms of the home. With varying shades of red, blue, green and orange.

The great diversity in the tones of the colors adds a nice depth to the motif, together with the transparent colors. The strength of the colors is high due to the paint with a high pigment content, and it creates a strong visual expression, with lots of details that catch the eye. There are free options for interpretation, but many will be able to see a landscape that unfolds, while the sun rises in the sky. The composition is calm, as the horizontal lines dominate the subject.

Colorful paintings for the living room are a fantastic tool when you want to create a very special atmosphere. With their beautiful colors, they help to spread warmth and closeness. Another advantage is that the size offers endless possibilities for where they are used. They do not need to be hung on the wall but can be placed on sideboards, in bookcases or on shelves.

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With bracket and wire attached
Material: Acrylic on linen canvas, mounted on a stretch frame
Size: 16x16 in (40×40 cm)
Title: Views I
Artist: Michael Lonfeldt
Motif: Handmade original painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the canvas.
Canvas material: 100% linen
Canvas volume: 470 g/m2
Surface treatment: 2 layers of topcoat on the canvas, to protect against sunlight and dirt
Frame material: Softwood forested in Europe, with FSC certification
Frame depth: 1.6 in (40 mm)
Edges: Gallery wrap, painted on the edges (don't need a frame)
Paint: highest gallery quality

All colorful paintings are handmade unique works of art, only one of which exists.


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Product description:

Beautiful, colorful acrylic painting with intensive colors brings life and energy into the living room. With lots of exciting details to explore.

The painting is produced according to a completely classic method, and it is made up of a total of 7 different layers. First, a basic color with varying color tones is laid on the canvas. The motif and shadows are then drawn with different hard and soft lines using, among other things, drawing graphite and markers. The paint is then applied in 4 layers with alternating transparent and opaque colours. The four layers of color help to create depth and interesting details in the motif. Finally, small details and fine color nuances are added to complete the artwork. After the drying is finished, 2 layers of varnish are applied to the canvas to protect the colors from the sun's UV rays and to ease cleaning.

The materials used are all high quality. I use them, as it is a prerequisite for achieving beautiful colors, their creation of new shades and their great depth where underlying elements and color tones are visible. The colors I have used all come from manufacturers who almost only use pure pigments in their products. The Italian canvas is made from 100% linen of a strong quality that is perfect for carrying large amounts of paint. One of the significant advantages of using linen canvas is the unique, uneven surface, which arises due to the varying thickness of the linen thread. No other canvas type has that property. The stretch frame is made of softwood, harvested from European forests, and it has an FSC certificate for sustainable forestry.