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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Canvas painting Restless I

Canvas painting that portrays life on the streets of New York City. It captures the essence of the constantly active city life, the unbroken noise from traffic, the impressive architectural buildings, and the continuous flow of people.

The cityscape shows the bustling atmosphere, characterized by a constant stream of people on the move in the city's streets. It includes tourists heading for evening entertainment such as theater performances, restaurant visits, or simple walks in the densely packed streets. At the same time, there are local residents making a quick pitstop at the nearest bar before heading home after a hard day's work.

Canvas paintings that depict the metropolis, its inhabitants, and visitors are beautiful pieces of modern art. They fit well into modern homes and simultaneously create a pleasant atmosphere with a timeless touch. Small paintings like this one are flexible and incredibly suitable for creating and varying the ambiance in the decor. They can be placed almost anywhere on walls, furniture, and windowsills, and it's easy to swap the paintings around to create new impressions.

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Brackets and wire are mounted
Material: Acrylic on linen canvas, mounted on a stretch frame
Dimensions: 16x16 in (40×40 cm)
Title: "Restless I"
Artist: Michael Lønfeldt
Motif: Unique hand-painted canvas painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the canvas
Canvas fabric: 100% linen
Canvas density: 470 g/m2
Top finish: Two layers of top varnish, protects against sunlight and dirt
Wooden frame: Finger-tapping European softwood with FSC certificate
Frame height: 1.6 in (40 mm)
Edges: The motif continues on the edge of the painting
Paint: Highest gallery quality

NOTE - The canvas paintings in the shop are unique works of art, there is only one copy of each.


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Product description:

Canvas painting featuring a cityscape, giving a vibrant and dynamic impression of life in the metropolis of New York, designed to contribute an international atmosphere to any room. The detailed composition provides plenty of visual impressions, sparking curiosity about what the painting depicts and how it is interpreted.

The production of the painting follows a traditional method, encompassing seven different stages. The first step involves applying a base color to the canvas, which is varied in different shades. The motif and shadows are then sketched out using various stroke styles, using drawing tools such as chalk and markers. The paint is applied in four layers, alternating the use of transparent and opaque colors. The four layers create depth and intricate details in the motif. After the motif itself is completed, fine details and nuances are added to finish the work. Once the drying of the painting is complete, two layers of varnish are applied to protect the colors from UV rays and ease cleaning.

The materials used to create the painting are all exceptionally high quality. They were chosen to achieve intense colors, create new nuances, and highlight the depth where the underlying elements and shades are visible. The colors come from manufacturers who primarily use pure pigments in their products. The canvas used is Italian, made of 100% linen, and has a robust weave to bear large amounts of paint. One of the unique features of linen canvas is its light, uneven surface, due to the variation in the thickness of the linen thread, a quality not found in other types of canvas. The frame is made from pine wood sourced from European forests, and it is FSC-certified, guaranteeing sustainable forestry.