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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Art acrylic painting Opus II

Art acrylic painting that has a modern, colorful design with beautiful colors in rosy red, pink, sky blue, turquoise green and orange yellow shades.

Created in an abstract visual language, where the colors stand out clearly with their varying course, both with hard edges and soft fusions. Combined with small rivers of complementary colors that surround the larger color areas, it gives a harmonious expression with many exciting experiences in the details.

Acrylic paintings are the perfect wall art to create exactly the atmosphere in the living room, or other rooms in the home, which you want to be the basis for your activities with family and friends.

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Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas with linen/cotton mix - mounted on wooden frame
Size: 24x24 in (60×60 cm)
Title: Opus II
Artist: Michael Lonfeldt
Motif: Original hand painted painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the canvas.
Canvas fabric: 35% linen and 65% cotton
Canvas thickness: 420 g/m2
Topcoat: 2 layers of varnish, protection against UV light
Material wooden frame: hand-assembled European pine with FSC certification
Painting depth: 0.8 in (20 mm)
Edges: The canvas is wrapped around the edges, painted with the motif
Acrylic paint: Highest top quality, from leading manufacturers

All art paintings here on the website are unique and only exist in one copy.


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Product description:

Art acrylic painting in classic bright colors with a vivid and attractive colorful expression.

A beautiful painting motif that contains countless varying colors, which slide together in new color variations. Combined with lines and shapes, it forms a nuanced composition, where the many details provide lots of exciting experiences and interpretation possibilities.

The painting was created in one continuous work process, where the work was done with wet on wet painting technique. After a sketch of the motif's main lines, the first layer of acrylic paint is placed on the linen canvas. After it is moved around, the next layer of paint is added, combined with lines and shapes. This process is repeated several times until I am satisfied with the overall motif as well as the content of details and the composition of the colors. Finally, after drying, I apply 2 layers of topcoat, as protection against UV light and to facilitate cleaning.

In order to create transparency in colors and depth in the motif, it is necessary to use art materials of a first-class quality: top-quality acrylic paint which consists almost exclusively of pure color pigments, which is a prerequisite for achieving the saturated and transparent colors. A quality canvas from Italy in a strong and strongly structured quality. As well as a solid stretch frame made of European, finger-joined pine wood with FSC certificate.