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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Acrylic colorful painting Oblige I

Acrylic colorful painting with modern art in an explosion of beautiful colors in shades of purple, deep red, sunny yellow and sea green. Perfect for the wall in the living room, where it lifts the mood and becomes a natural focal point.

An interesting painting composition that, with its lively and energetic expression, creates beautiful surroundings in your decor. The larger areas of color are nicely supported by running small rivers of color with waterfalls and eddies.

Paintings with modern art complete your interior design. And allows you to create your very own personal and unique style that others cannot imitate.

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas - mounted on wooden frame
Size: 32x32 in (80×80 cm)
Title: Oblige I
Visual artist: Michael Lønfeldt
Motif: Hand painted original painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the canvas.
Material canvas: 100% linen
Canvas weight: 470 g/m2
Surface finish: 2 layers of topcoat, protection against UV light and dirt
Stretch frame material: hand-picked pine wood from Europe with FSC certificate
Painting depth: 0.8 in (20 mm)
Edges: the motif is carried on to the edges
Paint and media: high art quality with real color pigments

All paintings with art here in the shop are unique, and they only exist in one copy.


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Product description:

Acrylic colorful painting with modern art in abstract design.

A motif that contains lots of intensive colors, which really creates an interesting scenario with dynamics and countless small fine details. It is especially the large color contrasts between light and dark colors that leave a distinctive impression. Where the colors with their coloring power, in a mixture of colors that stand sharply opposite each other and colors that flow easily into each other, provide an attractive center point in the living room.

The process is completed in one long continuous workflow. First, the canvas is prepared and the motif is drawn loosely with various marker tools in black and color. Then the basic colors are laid on the canvas according to the drawings, after which the paint is moved around using painting tools, especially spatulas. The process continued with the addition of varying colors and shapes until I was satisfied with the result.

The art materials are all of an ultra high quality. The best quality colors and media with a large content of real color pigments from leading manufacturers of acrylic colors. A solid Italian canvas in 100% linen, especially suitable for carrying the heavy weight of the paint. And a wooden stretch frame made of pine wood from Europe, it comes from a sustainable forest and has an FSC certification.