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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Abstract painting on canvas Eclectic I

A beautiful abstract painting on canvas with a content-rich motif, where the colors in interaction with shapes and lines make you curious about the motif and interpretations.

The composition is carefully balanced between colors and elements, and transparent colours add visual depth to the subject. This opens up different interpretations and gives free rein to the imagination. The dynamic colors are beautifully framed by horizontal and vertical lines, creating a harmonious overall impression.

Abstract paintings with intense colors are a great way to decorate your walls and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home where both friends and family feel comfortable. The size of the paintings also makes them very flexible in relation to the interior. They can be easily moved around and placed in unconventional places, such as on a mini easel on a sideboard or shelf. This adds an extra dimension to your decor and allows you to experiment with different setups.

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Medium: linen canvas with acrylic paint, mounted on a wooden frame
Size: 16x16 in (40×40 cm)
Title: Eclectic I
Artist: Michael Lønfeldt
Motif: Hand-painted unique painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the linen canvas.
Canvas type: 100% linen
Canvas density: 470 g/m2
Treatment: 2 layers of topcoat, to protect against UV sunlight
Wooden frame: Softwood with FSC certificate from forests in Europe
Frame height: 1.6 in (40 mm)
Edges: The canvas is wrapped around the edges, painted with the motif
Paint and media: ultra-high art quality

All abstract paintings are handmade unique works of art of which only one copy exists.


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Product description:

Abstract painting on canvas for the living room that combines stylish modernity with an exciting motif that captures the magnificent play of colors. The painting has an energetic expression, where colors and elements complement each other in a harmonious way.

The painting is produced through a painstaking seven-step process where each layer is allowed to dry completely before the next is added. First I put a base color on the linen canvas, and create variation in the color nuances by using lighter and darker tones. I then outline the main subject and the shadows on the surface using writing tools such as markers and charcoal. In the following four steps, I add paint and refine shapes and figures. I use both transparent and opaque colors, which are mixed together in layers until the motif is complete. Finally, I adjust the final details and colors to add extra depth and finesse to the work. As protection against UV light, 2 layers of lacquer have been applied to the surface.

I always use art materials of high quality. Achieving intense colors and an impressive depth effect in the motifs is essential. The use of good materials also ensures that the painting retains its quality for many years to come. The paint and media come from recognized manufacturers of artists' paints and contain a high proportion of real color pigments. The linen I use is of Italian origin. It has a rough surface structure as well as a solid strength that can hold the weight of the paint. The stretch frame is made of European softwood and is assembled using finger taps, which gives incredible rigidity to the frame. The wood is FSC certified and has been dried down to 12%, resulting in a frame that is ideal for hanging on indoor walls.