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Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Abstract canvas painting Opus VI

Abstract canvas painting in magnificent colors with a transparency that gives a nice depth effect. In beautiful dark red, bright pink, orange yellow, and sea blue tones.

The starting point for the painting is a total composition, where colors, lines, and shapes are spread over the entire canvas, with selected supporting color elements. The white basic color helps to further enhance the clear light power of the colors. And diagonal lines and shapes interact with the colors in a vibrant interplay in a successful composition.

Abstract canvas paintings with vibrant colors create a unique interior design that lifts the mood and creates a pleasant ambiance for yourself, your friends, and your family. The classic colors in a timeless design, combined with the excellent materials, mean that you will enjoy the artwork for many years to come.

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Medium: Acrylic paint on a linen canvas, mounted on a wooden frame
Size: 32x32 in (80×80 cm)
Title: Opus VI
Visual artist: Michael Lønfeldt
Design: Unique handcrafted painting
Signature: Title and signature on the back of the canvas.
Canvas: 100% linen
Canvas weight: 470 g/m2
Surface treatment: 2 layers of topcoat, protection against UV light
Wooden frame: hand-picked European softwood with FSC certification
Frame height: 1.5 in (40 mm)
Edges: The motif is painted onto the canvas on the side of the frame
Acrylic-based paint: Highest quality, from top manufacturers

All abstract canvas paintings on the website are unique and only exist in one copy.


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Product description:

Abstract canvas painting in a unique colored abstract style, with a catchy motif that contains a fantastic dynamic with strong colors and exciting details.

The abstract picture universe is an expression of an artistic journey with great variety in colors and lots of interpretation possibilities in the details. Basis has been an exploratory approach, where the play of colors has been the supporting element in the development. The impression encapsulates a condensed atmosphere, in a painting you remember.

When I make this kind of painting, thin liquid acrylic paint is used as the most important element. The process makes great demands on a controlled process that is completed in one continuous workflow. I start by preparing the linen canvas with 2 layers of sealing media. This is necessary to prevent the brown color from the canvas from penetrating the white primer and mixing with the paint. The basic motif is then sketched out with various drawing tools. Finally, the first layer of paint is added and moved around on the canvas. And several layers are added on top of each other while the paint is still wet. It produces effects where the colors are both razor-sharp and flow together, creating new color nuances. after the drying is over, I put 2 layers of varnish on the surface as protection against UV light and dust.

To achieve transparent colors, lines, and elements with breathtaking depth, requires art materials of very high quality. The acrylic colors come only from manufacturers who make paint, which consists of almost 100% of pure color pigments. The thick linen canvas is made to hold the weight of large quantities of paint. The rough structure of the canvas surface adds extra depth to the colors. The frame that holds the canvas in place is made from softwood from European forests. The wood has an FSC certificate.