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Original art handmade gallery quality materials
Artist Michael

Michael Lonfeldt


Abstract acrylic painting Prime V

Abstract acrylic painting with a symphony of intensive paint colors that are complemented by the light and white tones.

The composition shows an abstract pictorial world where there is harmony and unity. With a mix of colors that stand clearly opposite each other and easily blend together in the shades. A painting where the colors are a symbol of diversity, cohesion and tolerance.

The trendy style is perfect for modern homes.

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Basic materials: Acrylic paint on canvas - mounted on a stretch frame
Size: 32x32 in (80×80 cm)
Title: Prime V
Artist: Michael Lonfeldt
Motif: Hand painted unique original painting
Signature: signature on the front. Title and signature on the back of the canvas.
Canvas fabric: 35% linen and 65% cotton
Canvas weight: 420 g/m2
Canvas finish: 2 layers of topcoat, protection against UV light
Stretch frame: European stick-glued pine, FSC certified
Stretch frame height: 0.8 in (20 mm)
Edges: Gallery wrap, painted on the edges (don't need a frame)
Colors: Artist quality, primarily from Golden Artist Colors

All paintings are handmade unique original works of art that only exist in one copy.


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Product description:

Abstract acrylic painting with a colorful expression in a modern abstract style.

The mixture of light and dark tones creates a nice play of colors. Together with the deliberate use of white, it results in a harmonious picture structure. Which, despite an almost completely smooth painting surface, gives a good depth effect. The design language with the darker and lighter color shades makes the artwork suitable for walls in all colors.

The idea behind this motif is a notion of the dark and light sides of life, which both stand out and are mixed together in different shades. The lines, the elements and the darkest of the color areas give the painting character, and fluctuate as in the real world.

A painting that is manufactured in a continuous process without breaks. Where the colors are added gradually, until they have created the shapes and the variety that I have aimed for. After the painting is dry, it has been given 2 coats of topcoat to protect against the sun's rays and to facilitate daily cleaning.

Technically, I have used completely thin-flowing airbrush paint and other paint with a light-flowing consistency. After the basic design is ready, the final details are finished using dark lines and splashes of color.

The materials I have used are, as usual, really good, and of a high artist quality:

The painting is manufactured on a thick linen/cotton canvas from Italy. In a really good quality with a textured surface. Where the paint has optimal working conditions, so that the painting gets lots of color nuances and depth.

The stretch frame that holds the canvas in place is produced by a German supplier. And the wood is European pine that is stick-glued and FSC certified. The bars are glued together with finger joints, which gives the best possible stability in the frame. The height of the frame is 0.8 in (20 mm), so that a frame strip can be placed on the picture.

The paint and media are from the renowned supplier Golden Artist Colors. They make superb excellent paints, which means the colors have great transparency and beautiful color undertones.